About Us

Our Story

Welcome to Space City Boutique, your go-to destination for space-inspired fashion and accessories. Our passion for Houston's connection to space has been a driving force behind our boutique. Growing up in Houston, I was always fascinated by the city's deep-rooted connection to space exploration. My mom worked at NASA, and my parents nurtured my curiosity about what makes Houston: Space City. This early exposure, combined with my experience working with boutiques in Houston, made me realize the unique ways niche shops could work and inspired me to create Space City Boutique.

Our Mission

At Space City Boutique, our core values are centered around providing a stellar customer experience, maintaining transparent pricing and delivery, and upholding our values with integrity. We are passionate about sharing the wonders of Space City with our customers, and we strive to reflect this passion in every aspect of our business.

Shopping should be an enjoyable and straightforward experience, and we work tirelessly to ensure that from the moment you browse our store to the day your package arrives at your doorstep, your experience with us is nothing less than excellent.

The Future

While Space City Boutique is a new addition to the online retail landscape, we have big plans for the future. We aim to elevate space awareness, science fiction, fashion, and Houston culture to new heights. We plan to support local artists and designers by showcasing their work and collaborating to create unique pieces and bundles. We aim to highlight other great brands and companies through strategic collaborations and partnerships.

In addition to promoting local talent and collaborating with like-minded brands, we are committed to pushing the limits of collaborative technology. This means continually innovating and finding new ways to connect with our customers and provide them with the best possible shopping experience.

We look forward to sharing exciting new products, events, and news with our community as we grow.


Thank you for being a part of our journey,

Chris Kelley

Founder, Space City Boutique