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Last Delivery Driver - Big Jim - Coffee Mug, 11oz

Last Delivery Driver - Big Jim - Coffee Mug, 11oz

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Shine up your routine with this two-tone custom accent coffee mug. This 11oz mug is designed for truckers and anyone who wants to enjoy their morning joe like Big Jim - Adrian's electric big rig with an 807 mile range that keeps him on long hauls.

The mug features an accented C-Handle that is comfortable to hold and colored interior to add contrast like the blue and gold paint job on Big Jim. With your truckin' design on this mug, you get an instant winner of a product to start your day on the open road.

Keep on truckin' with this eye-catching color contrast mug that can handle 396,830 pounds - just like Big Jim. The mug's got the comfort of a big rig cabin to keep your hands happy on cross-country adventures. Add some semi-style and color to your routine with this great haul. 🚛⚡️

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