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Last Delivery Driver - Black Betsy - Coffee Mug, 11oz

Last Delivery Driver - Black Betsy - Coffee Mug, 11oz

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Cruise in style with this two-tone custom accent coffee mug. This 11oz mug is designed for auto aficionados and anyone who wants to feel the wind in their hair like riding in Black Betsy - the Kuldell family's prized jet-black convertible.

The mug features an accented C-Handle inspired by Betsy's white leather interior and a colored interior reminiscent of her glossy onyx paint job. With your retro ride design on this mug, you get an instant classic to start your day in high style.

Keep on cruising with this eye-catching color contrast mug fit for an evening downtown or a sunny Sunday drive. The mug's elegant silhouette and sleek finish bring the same flair as Betsy's exaggerated hood and oversized chrome wheels. Add some convertible glamour and passion for cars to your routine.

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