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Last Delivery Driver - Mercury Pizza - Pint Glass, 16oz

Last Delivery Driver - Mercury Pizza - Pint Glass, 16oz

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Transport your taste buds to 2039 Houston with this fiery Mercury Pizza pint glass! Inspired by Adrian Kuldell's family pizza empire in The Last Delivery Driver, this glass celebrates the famous automated delivery fleet that only the god Mercury could keep up with.

The bold orange design evokes the blazing Texas sun, while the retro-futuristic logo pays homage to the classic god Mercury. "Hot Like the Sun" is printed in a striking font, summing up Mercury's piping hot, made-to-order pies.

This 16oz pint glass is versatile enough for all your beverage needs - from beer to lemonade and everything in between. The durable construction means you can toast your love of pizza and imaginative futures for years to come.

Whether you're a fan of The Last Delivery Driver, pizza aficionado, or love unique barware, this glass is bound to start conversations. The eye-catching design and premium feel make it a great gift too!

Bring the heat to your home bar with the Mercury Pizza "Hot Like the Sun" pint glass today!

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